Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any side effects of your products?

Hans Herbals products are purely herbal, they don’t have any side effects, but results may vary according to your body type.

How safe are your products?

Our products are made from natural ingredients. They are safe to use for all.

Is there any chemical used in your product?

No, No chemical is used in manufacturing. although preservatives are used.


Why do I see different prices for the same product?

  • You could see different prices for the same product, as it could be listed according to Quantity. Please select quantity as per the requirement to get the specific prize.

Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Hans herbals?

  • Yes, it’s necessary to log into your Hans herbals account to shop. Shopping as a logged-in user is fast & convenient and also provides extra security. You’ll have access to a personalised shopping experience including recommendations and quicker check-out.

Is there any offline method of buying products is available?

Yes. You can get the details by contacting us.

Is there any limit on products being purchased?

Yes. You can order max. 3 unit of a particular product.

Add and Manage Addresses

How Do I manage or add my address?

You can add, edit, and delete addresses for future orders. You can also select a default address to make it easier to place an order.

To add and manage your addresses:

  1. Go to Your Addresses.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To add a new address, select Add address. You’ll be asked to confirm your payment card number the next time you place an order using the new or edited address.
    • To edit or delete an address, select either Edit or Delete below the address you want to modify.
    • To set a default address, select the corresponding link below the address.


Note: Updating an address in Your Account won’t change the shipping address on any open orders.


How do I know my order has been confirmed?

  • Once the payment has been received, you will get your order number and it will be mentioned if the order is confirmed. You can also check the same through your Hans herbals account under My Orders.

I missed the delivery of my order today. What should I do?

  • The courier service delivering your order usually tries to deliver on the next business day in case you miss a delivery. You can Contact us in case you need more help.

The delivery of my order is delayed. What should I do?

  • On the rare occasion that your order is delayed, please check your email & messages for updates

How Do I Track My Order?

You can track you order from your order history or track order page.

How can I order for large quantities of the product as part of a corporate order?

How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

Normally it takes 4-5 working days, but it may take 10-12 days under different circumstances.


How Should I to Contact if I Have Any Queries?

You can contact us by visiting help and support page.

Payment & Refund:

What is the 'Save Card' feature?

  • The ‘Save Card’ option lets you save your credit/debit cards on your Hans herbals account. This helps you complete your transactions in a quick and easy way.

What if my money deducted for cancelled order?

  • In that case refund will be processed within 7-8 days, in case you still face any issue please reach out to us at [email protected]

What are the different payment methods available?

You can make payment for your order by online banking methods only.

If you are not able to find what you need, feel free to contact us on Help and Support section. We ‘ll be happy to help you in every way..